Another Shel Silverstein Poem


Oh, Teddy Bear, dear Teddy,
though you’re gone these many years,
I recall with deep affection
how I nibbled on your ears,
I can hardly keep from smiling,
and my heart beats fast and glows,
when I think about the morning
that I twisted off your nose. 

Teddy Bear, you didn’t whimper,
Teddy Bear, you didn’t pout,
when I reached in with my fingers
and tore your tummy out,
and you didn’t even mumble
or emit the faintest cries,
when I pulled your little paws off,
when I bit your button eyes.

Yes, you sat beside me calmly,
and you didn’t once protest,
when I ripped apart the stuffing
that was packed inside your chest,
and you didn’t seem to notice
when I yanked out all your hair-
it’s been ages since I’ve seen you,
but I miss you Teddy Bear.


By: Shel Silverstein
Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite poets.  He wrote a lot of children’s books.  My favorite is “The Giving Tree.”  Bobby Bare, Johnny Cash, Dave and Sugar, and Dr. Hook are some of the artists who recorded his songs.

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